Good Builds

There is just something great about building things.  Putting something together, something that is functional and improves your life and/or the life of others.  Sometimes building can be fun, sometimes it is a chore, often it is a challenge but… Continue Reading →

DaddyCast #208 – Spring Training

The DaddyCast Episode 208 A Podcast for Parenting from the Hip! An update on what we have been doing for the past couple of months (not just slacking off) and a look at athletic events coming up this Spring. Study… Continue Reading →

The Electric Seat

Today as I got ready to run to Home Depot for the third time today (home improvement project) I considered the thoughtfulness that has gone into the design of the electric seat.  I was taking the Odyssey and my wife had driven… Continue Reading →

The DaddyCast #186 – Workin for a livin

The DaddyCast Episode 186 Join The DaddyCast Facebook Fan Page!! Working mothers- feel vindicated, you are not harming your children Article Put the kids to work! Our boys decided they wanted out of our Tae Kwon Do commitment, for which… Continue Reading →

Balance- always a tough task

Kind of funny, kind of disturbing that we can never avoid the battle for balance.  Got a new update from Family First- a great organization, from my perspective, helpful information and obviously the result of a lot of effort.  They… Continue Reading →

Let ’em work a little

This is a topic we have discussed on the podcast and here on the blog before, the importance of work.  In any relationship (with our kids, with out spouse, with our friends) each side of the relationship needs to be… Continue Reading →

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