DaddyCast #205 – Back to School (and Tardy)

The DaddyCast Episode 205 A Podcast for Parenting from the Hip! Back to school is back to hectic routines with homework, projects, soccer and all the other things that fill our schedule.  We need to make time where we can,… Continue Reading →

My dog ate my homework

I strive to make sure that my boys have the chance to experience all of the stereotypical childhood joys.  A few years ago I piled up leaves and let them (and a few neighbor boys who looked at me like… Continue Reading →

That’s football

In following the 2010 FIFA World Cup, it was almost refreshing to hear the England Head Coach state “That’s football” during the post game interview after the 1-1 tie with the United States. His statement was in response to the… Continue Reading →

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Saturday I was able to attend a soccer game for my youngest for the first time in a couple of weeks.  Working on the bathroom remodel has caused some missed soccer games as well as our normal hiking and other… Continue Reading →


I feel this weekend requires some notice as we have a few real troopers in the Love House. The top award goes to my wife who ran a 15K (that is 9.3 miles) trail race on Saturday morning.  The morning… Continue Reading →

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