Devoted or Devoid?

Last weekend I completed my first marathon.  It was an amazing experience full of highs and lows, fun and pain, an experience that really taught me a lot.  More on the actual marathon in another post.  For this post, I… Continue Reading →

DaddyCast 212 – Detachment Parenting

The DaddyCast Episode 212 A Podcast for Parenting from the Hip! It has been a while – sorry. Athletic Inspirations realized – my oldest preps for his 5k with his Aunt. Our pet project – keeping fish alive!! Support the… Continue Reading →

My Pacer

Today I had the advantage of a pacer on a run.  The pacer was my oldest son- he rode his bike while I ran.  He was in inspiration- he kept me going when if I had been alone, I may… Continue Reading →

How do you tackle the hills?

With my recent devotion to running, I have yet another running themed post.  As I have mentioned before, to me, running is part physical (as my knees can attest this week) and part mental.  Your mind will play tricks on… Continue Reading →

DaddyCast #166 – Running and Reading

The DaddyCast Episode 166 Remember the Reason for the Season! Running the race- literally. We have talked a lot about the rat race that life brings with kids but this time we put the kids in a race- they ran… Continue Reading →


I feel this weekend requires some notice as we have a few real troopers in the Love House. The top award goes to my wife who ran a 15K (that is 9.3 miles) trail race on Saturday morning.  The morning… Continue Reading →

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