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Trying something new for the New Year

A resolution worth sharing. My youngest has vowed to try new things this year. So far he has tried new foods, is willing to try some new rides during our annual pilgrimage to Disney and seems willing to try new… Continue Reading →

Devoted or Devoid?

Last weekend I completed my first marathon.  It was an amazing experience full of highs and lows, fun and pain, an experience that really taught me a lot.  More on the actual marathon in another post.  For this post, I… Continue Reading →

The Electric Seat

Today as I got ready to run to Home Depot for the third time today (home improvement project) I considered the thoughtfulness that has gone into the design of the electric seat.  I was taking the Odyssey and my wife had driven… Continue Reading →

They Know

This requires a little setup but it was funny.  We were eating breakfast and my youngest ran to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of Gatorade.  We asked that he share it with his brother and he agreed.  His brother… Continue Reading →

A Sense of Urgency

Less is More. Not a statement you typically hear regarding time but this morning we had just such an experience. With less time to get ready (due to some scheduling conflicts) we actually were ready to go ahead of schedule…. Continue Reading →

Pride Through Achievement – Part 2

I had another article posted over at RichmondMom.com, go check it out.  It is about my oldest and his participation in an eight mile, night time bike ride.  It was quite a challenge for him and one he took on… Continue Reading →

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