Eat out and forget the non-parent glares.

The headline on the paper version of the local area .com (you know the one that wraps up all the coupons with a couple of articles to look like a newspaper- google newspaper if you don’t remember what one of… Continue Reading →

Universal Rules

Last weekend we we decided to have lunch at a local favorite, Cheeburger Cheeburger.  It was a chilly Saturday and we had spent most of the morning outside so we were looking forward to some warm food in a warm… Continue Reading →

Don’t blame the kid

Sunday afternoon we stopped by a local dining spot for a Linner (late Lunch, early Dinner). As we walked in we passed a group that was seated at a corner booth – 4 blond women and two children, one who… Continue Reading →

DaddyCast #179 – Give and Take

The DaddyCast Episode 179 Give and take – you give a lot as a parent, are you taking too? Taking some time to do things you want to do?  Make it fun for the whole family, compromise. They won’t always… Continue Reading →

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