Delayed Gratification

I have to admit that I am more than a little surprised at the appearance of mobile game commercials on television.  These games have become so prevalent (and apparently profitable) that they now have commercials on channels and programs that… Continue Reading →

Fish Tales

Since our dog passed away a few years ago, the boys have periodically asked for a pet.  My wife and I have avoided the request as much as possible, knowing that we would both love to have another dog but… Continue Reading →

Pass It Back

It is easy to see a great degree of self-centeredness in modern society.  As we deal with the coming of age of the “Me” generation, propped up by years of self-esteem based education, we can easily find characters who can… Continue Reading →

DaddyCast #210 – Serenity Now!

The DaddyCast Episode 210 A Podcast for Parenting from the Hip! Serenity Parenting – a concept by Bryan Caplan regarding studies on twins and how you may be putting too much into your parenting, especially if you expect to get a… Continue Reading →

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