That’s football

In following the 2010 FIFA World Cup, it was almost refreshing to hear the England Head Coach state “That’s football” during the post game interview after the 1-1 tie with the United States. His statement was in response to the… Continue Reading →

DaddyCast #153 – Collaborative Cooking

The DaddyCast Episode 153 Mealtime is important- communication, healthier eating, a chance to teach and enable. Like I said, mealtime is important, spend it together as a family. find out more at Revolutionhealth.com The Origins of Father’s Day – it… Continue Reading →

Enabling yields amazing results

Tonight we returned to Tae Kwon Do for the first time in almost two weeks.  Due to my travel last week we missed the Tuesday class.  Thursday night the boys didn’t want to go (I can fight one not wanting… Continue Reading →

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