Why are we doing this?

We did the Anthem Moonlight Ride in Richmond again this year. We had to skip last year due to the ride conflicting with our beach week. This ride offers 8 and 17 mile courses that are family friendly and the… Continue Reading →

The power of closeness

This past weekend our family participated in Pedal Power, an event held by Energy Cycle to promote the organization’s message for energy conservation awareness.  It is the second year in a row that a majority of the family has participated… Continue Reading →

Spin the Wheel

Yesterday some friends and I rode in the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Virginia Cycling Challenge. It was held in Crozet, VA, an area just outside of Charlottesville and near the Blue Ridge Mountains. We participated at the 55… Continue Reading →

Impress the Best

It is always nice to get recognition. A time when you feel your efforts are appreciated and you have accomplished something where others have taken notice. But what could be better than to be appreciated by your kids, to have… Continue Reading →

Pride Through Achievement – Part 2

I had another article posted over at RichmondMom.com, go check it out.  It is about my oldest and his participation in an eight mile, night time bike ride.  It was quite a challenge for him and one he took on… Continue Reading →

Did we do it all?

Felt the urge to post about our weekend- maybe it is for the boys to read when they are older and have kids of their own and understand why we were so tired all the time. But tired with a… Continue Reading →

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