Empty Nest – Week 5?

Could it be the end of  Empty Nest Syndrome?   This past weekend we had a chance to hang out with the boys.  We met them in Leesburg, VA for a wedding (my niece, their cousin).  It was a fun event,… Continue Reading →

Devoted or Devoid?

Last weekend I completed my first marathon.  It was an amazing experience full of highs and lows, fun and pain, an experience that really taught me a lot.  More on the actual marathon in another post.  For this post, I… Continue Reading →

Go with the Flow

Today I am very impressed with my boys.  And with my wife and I- we have, at least in some ways, raised them right.  They are courteous, caring and easy going.  It makes being a parent rewarding and in the… Continue Reading →

Time Flies

We enjoyed our annual vacation last week, a week at the beach to recharge our batteries.  It is also a great week to enjoy time with family and activities such as golf, go carts, riding trails and of course, time… Continue Reading →

Summer of Camps – The First Two Weeks

As I mentioned a while ago on the podcast, this Summer we are trying something new.  Rather than rely on the program offered by the daycare we use for after school care, we have arranged for the boys to attend… Continue Reading →

Green Lantern Toys – Great Fun

Growing up, one of my favorite Super Heroes was the Green Lantern.  Whenever he showed up on the Super Friends, I was in awe.  So, when I saw that among the various comic book and cartoon heroes coming to the… Continue Reading →

They Know

This requires a little setup but it was funny.  We were eating breakfast and my youngest ran to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of Gatorade.  We asked that he share it with his brother and he agreed.  His brother… Continue Reading →

Never take anything for granted

First of all, Happy New Year!  I find it interesting that today’s day is 1-1-11, but that’s just the geek in me.  Hope everyone is finding themselves safe and happy as 2011 begins.  More on resolutions, goals and the like… Continue Reading →

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