3d printing

50 for 50 – #30 The 3D – 3 Month Picture Frame

For Christmas we got our future engineering student a 3D printer.  He will tell you (and I guess that I am forced to admit) that the gift wasn’t really for him.  While the intention was to help him explore his… Continue Reading →

50 fo 50 – #16 Hope Floats!

I think we should call this boat the SS Hope. It has been quite a lesson in, well, physics I guess (since that is the class). And hopefully a couple lessons in time management although I don’t know that any… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #15 Buoyancy

Typically the three P’s of a school project are Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.  Our soon to be off to college son has a Physics project. Sounded easy enough, make a boat with a motor to traverse a couple yards of… Continue Reading →

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