Goal today, Gone tomorrow

For years we have had a soccer goal in our front yard.  I know the neighbors probably hated it (but got used to it).  I am surprised the HOA didn’t give us nasty letters.  And even more amazed that errant… Continue Reading →


Doing laundry the other day I realized how much of my wardrobe is devoted to kids’ sports.  Between high school volleyball and soccer, club soccer and the Richmond Volleyball Club, I have a lot of T-shirts and sweatshirts to “represent”. … Continue Reading →

Morning Re-Routine

With the way the end of the year went, the realization came subtly.  COVID-19 shut down the schools and with it, disrupted the morning routine for everyone.  It didn’t take long for our high school senior to realize he could… Continue Reading →

The Season that Wasn’t

Today we got our high school soccer gear.  T-shirts, a couple polo shirts and a quarter zip for me.  And new this year, hats! We stocked up prior to the season so we could be fully decked out to support… Continue Reading →

Pandemic Profoundness

I started thinking about this piece a few days ago.  One of the more amazing things with current times is how fast things are changing.  We are in the midst of COVID-19. The novel coronavirus pandemic of 2020. What I… Continue Reading →

List of Lasts

Last week I edited the last high school indoor league soccer game where I have a son playing.  Last weekend I watched my youngest compete in his last indoor high school league game. The list of lasts continues marching on…. Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #33 Habit Fail

The idea for 50 for 50 was to post daily.  A log of what the first 50 days of being 50 was like.  Well, it appears part of this is not being able to stick with a new habit.  I… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #32 Addictive Personality

I don’t really like running.  Part of it is because I have always been overweight and running just isn’t fun especially when you have some extra load to carry.  Running is work. It often hurts and can be boring (although… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #31 Well Oriented

It has been a busy few days.  The high point was college orientation on Thursday.  A day long event that didn’t involve a lot of exercise but wore me out none-the-less.  They presented a lot of information. We knew we… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #30 The 3D – 3 Month Picture Frame

For Christmas we got our future engineering student a 3D printer.  He will tell you (and I guess that I am forced to admit) that the gift wasn’t really for him.  While the intention was to help him explore his… Continue Reading →

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