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50 fo 50 – #16 Hope Floats!

I think we should call this boat the SS Hope. It has been quite a lesson in, well, physics I guess (since that is the class). And hopefully a couple lessons in time management although I don’t know that any… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #15 Buoyancy

Typically the three P’s of a school project are Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.  Our soon to be off to college son has a Physics project. Sounded easy enough, make a boat with a motor to traverse a couple yards of… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #14 More Cycles

Tonight we go to the high school sports ceremony.  This year they are doing something new – having all of the sports together at the end of the year.  In years past they held a ceremony at the end of… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #13 Fun House

I think there is a stereotype of “that house”- the house amongst friends that becomes the hangout house.  Growing up i would go over to my friends’ house a lot because there were 3 brothers that I hung out with…. Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #12 Big Day

Today we got our first taste of what is ahead with graduation.  This morning we attended the Class of 2019 awards ceremony. Very nice ceremony and our oldest was recognized for his hard work to obtain an IB diploma as… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #11 One of those days

This will be brief, it has been one of those days. Between contract negotiations, personnel issues and project planning (aka realizing that we are behind) I am a bit worn out tonight. Luckily I can always count on my youngest… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #10 UnFiltered

We all know the stereotype – old man sitting around speaking his mind, regardless of how foul or offensive his thoughts are.  A close friend of mine lived in Mateo on Roanoke Island for a while. Andy Griffith had a… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #9 Dang It!

I missed yesterday!! I went home thinking it was going to be a quiet night and I would get a few things done, among which was writing the 50 for 50 post of the day.  But it turned out that… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #8 in VR

My birthday gift to myself was an Oculus Quest.  The VR headset was released the day after my birthday and it arrived on Thursday.  It is a lot of fun, perhaps too much? A while ago I cut my teeth… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #7 Day of the Down

Timing is Everything. While I have been taking on the challenge of 50 blog posts in 50 days, I have, up until yesterday, kept it pretty quiet.  I am sure there is no one watching this blog and the only… Continue Reading →

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