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50 for 50 – #23 The Big Day

Today our oldest walked across the stage and received his diploma.  He is a high school graduate and ready to grow and mature as he steps up to the next level.  Next stop, James Madison University and four years of… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #22 From the Road

I am currently on a flight from Richmond to Chicago.  I have watched half of the movie Aquaman – not terrible, but you have to have the right mindset.  It is entertainment, not to be taken too seriously.  I had… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #21 Travel is no friend

Well, I missed yesterday. Worked and then ran a couple errands before heading to tournament night for volleyball that went on until around 11. Not too many brain cells to fire off a post after that day. But, the team… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #20 Random Thoughts

Well, I missed another day. Yesterday wasn’t too terribly busy. Got up, was taxi driver so Jen could go to the store to get a baby shower gift. Then went to the state lacrosse finals (some friends of our boys… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #19 Prince’s B-Day

I don’t consider myself a Prince Super Fan. I am a fan. I believe him to be the greatest, most talented music artist ever. But I haven’t put in the time or hysteria to be considered a super fan. All… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #18 Getting Real

Just sat down with the oldest and went through the next steps for his college course registration. This is getting real. He can register for classes next Wednesday and has his first orientation later this month. Then in mid August,… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #17 Lessons from Failure

This will be the last installment on the boat project.  Today was D-Day (well, actually tomorrow is the real D-Day but today it was due).  So of course, as I noted in last night’s post, he was working on it… Continue Reading →

50 fo 50 – #16 Hope Floats!

I think we should call this boat the SS Hope. It has been quite a lesson in, well, physics I guess (since that is the class). And hopefully a couple lessons in time management although I don’t know that any… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #15 Buoyancy

Typically the three P’s of a school project are Patience, Persistence and Perseverance.  Our soon to be off to college son has a Physics project. Sounded easy enough, make a boat with a motor to traverse a couple yards of… Continue Reading →

50 for 50 – #14 More Cycles

Tonight we go to the high school sports ceremony.  This year they are doing something new – having all of the sports together at the end of the year.  In years past they held a ceremony at the end of… Continue Reading →

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