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Published on: Jun 05 2009 by DaddyCast


For all of you unfamiliar with GoDaddy, they are the largest domain registrar and web hosting solution on the web.  A domain is the web address of your site (i.e. http://TheDaddyCast.com).

The DaddyCast podcast has exclusive promo codes through GoDaddy for domain purchasing and renewals, as well as web hosting, e-mail and more. You can save money for whatever your needs may be from GoDaddy:

Daddy5: 10% off any order
Daddy6: $5 off orders $30 off any order
Daddy7: $7.49 .COM domains and renewals

What’s in a domain name?  Well, it is your real estate on the web, and a way to retain a space for something special.  You should register you name, if available, to at least keep it safe from the wrong use.  Also, if you can get a domain for the kids it would make a nice space for them to use in the future, whatever their creative endeavors may be.  I have registered several domains for the kids and our family- not using them now but have them when we decide what we want to do with them.

godaddy promo code

GoDaddy promo codes are exclusive. These promo codes are reusable and valid throughout 2009. Bookmark this page or make sure to visit back whenever you need GoDaddy domains. We occasionally add limited-time and seasonal GoDaddy promo codes so be sure to check back.

Angie’s List

AngiesList.com is a great source of rating for all types of services from car repair, home improvements and even medical care. And if you use AngiesList.com/Daddy, you can save 25% on your subscription. Go the the Mevio Offers Page for more info.

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