Doing laundry the other day I realized how much of my wardrobe is devoted to kids’ sports.  Between high school volleyball and soccer, club soccer and the Richmond Volleyball Club, I have a lot of T-shirts and sweatshirts to “represent”.  We were that family, the one that buys a couple of items for each season and makes sure something is ready for game day.  

And then there are my own creations.  There are the DaddyCast T-shirts and my design for the high school soccer team warmup shirts (that they got to wear once before COVID shut down the season).  And also the indoor soccer team, Ranch FC Elite, shirts and stickers and car magnets.  We have a lot of fan gear.

Add to that the realization that we are doing it again.  We are stocking up on college apparel for both the boys’ colleges.  The same stuff- T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, hats.  The bookstores probably have our address saved in their label makers.  It’s all good.

Looking back at some of the fan apparel I think that perhaps we went overboard.  You spend a season or two or three with a club team or four with the high school and then it is done.  You have fan gear that was cherished and reserved for game day that is now relegated to lawn work.  Colors worth fighting for that are now faded and shoved to the bottom of the pile or back of the closet.

But that is in many ways what life is like.  What is super important today may be much less so next week or next year.  Things change.  Interests change.  Alliances change.

One of the sore spots with the way COVID shortened the Spring sports season was missing a suitable farewell to the other parents we have interacted with for many years.  Between club sports and school events, with many of the same participants, you become part of a tribe.  And many members of the tribe don’t necessarily make the effort to get together outside of the kids’ events.  That takes work and planning and once it isn’t part of what you are doing with the kids, it is easy to let those interactions fade, much like the colors of the fan wear.  The few times we all got together before or after games, it was a great time.  And of course we always vowed to do it again, make it a regular thing.  You know the drill.

So it would be nice at the end of the pandemic to get together with the soccer parents for a farewell tour.  One last “hooray” to celebrate our kids and the friendship we have generated.  Perhaps it will launch a whole new stream of get togethers.  We should all have more time on our hands (at least the empty-nesters among us).  And it would be nice to explore the more social side of everyone, away from the sports and kids distractions.  

So that is the challenge (to myself) – arrange a parent’s get together after the pandemic is over and we are free to move about.  The challenge is documented here.  Luckily many of the tribe are on Facebook so contact shouldn’t be too hard.  Additionally we should all wear our fan gear.  Get one more event to support the colors.  As long as the lawn care stains are not too bad.