Last week I edited the last high school indoor league soccer game where I have a son playing.  Last weekend I watched my youngest compete in his last indoor high school league game. The list of lasts continues marching on.

We went through a number of lasts a year ago when my oldest was wrapping up his high school year and preparing for college.  Some were his last time doing things, others were the last we as parents would see. It was eye opening but we knew we had another year of high school with our youngest so the impact wasn’t as hard hitting.  Now the realization that the nest will be empty soon is a little more prominent.

We kind of went through it twice with high school volleyball.  I thought last year, with our oldest, would close the book on the sport for us but our youngest decided to play this year and we continued on as volleyball parents for one more year.  Obviously with no other kids in the wings we are truly done now (although I guess watching grandkids play in the future is an option – hopefully not anytime too soon).

In a few weeks we will have the last club soccer event, a tournament for college recruiting that coincides with the high school season causing the boys to have 5 games in 5 days.  It will be the end of club soccer for us (although as my son stated with indoor, until he plays adult league – we will probably still be out there watching). Club soccer has filled our weekends for the past 14 or more years.  Free weekends are not something we are accustomed to.  

To a degree having free time will take some adjustment.  I am really not sure yet what to do with all of it. Time spent at the field, traveling to and from events, editing video, it kept me busy and now I will have to find something to focus on to keep from feeling lazy.  Many would say “relax” but I don’t find sitting around for too long relaxing. It makes me feel guilty.

But the closing of these doors means they are growing up.  They are moving on. And we need to learn to move on too. Find what makes us happy, what we like to do, what brings us joy.  It may be an interesting time as we discover a life we haven’t known for 20 years – a life without kids to care for constantly.  We may have to orchestrate our own distractions 🙂

I will do my best to update our list of lasts and maintain some regularity on the blog.  It has been something that has been pushed past the back burner. It is very easy to ignore when I am busy.  But hopefully, now with weekends free, time will be available to post an update every so often.