The idea for 50 for 50 was to post daily.  A log of what the first 50 days of being 50 was like.  Well, it appears part of this is not being able to stick with a new habit. 

I recall hearing that a habit develops after 21 days of doing something.  It seems my blogging efforts have broken that mold as I kept up with it for about 30 days (with a couple misses) and then completely fell off track.  Life got busy.

Work has been busy.  While having too much work to get done can seem like “a good problem”, it wears on the group.  Feeling constantly behind and unable to tackle the things you want to in order to grow is frustrating at times.  Periodic glimpses of a light at the end of the tunnel help but we just hope it isn’t the oncoming train.

Home time has been busy as well.  We had college orientation in the past couple weeks.  A full day of information about what to expect as a parent and with our incoming Freshmen.  The freshman got a full day of info as well. It was a busy but good day for both of us.

#50 on the field,
#1 in our hearts 🙂

The youngest just completed a 4 day soccer ID camp.  He seemed to enjoy it and while I don’t know to what degree is helped his chances of playing D3 soccer, it was good for him to go through the motions and meet some new people.  While he was at camp he received his latest SAT scores and did very well. You can say 3rd times a charm but what really seemed to work for him was studying a little. As has been his theme in life, effort improves outcome.

And now we are in Utah – the summer vacation to Park City with a big thanks to Jen’s sister and our brother in law for having us all out.  It is beautiful out here with mountains and trails and clean air. First night or two are a little rough for me getting used to the thin air but the views are phenomenal.  We have golf lined up later today so my slice will fly that much farther out of bounds at altitude. 

So with some vacation time I hope to get back on track blogging for the 50 posts.  I was listening to Seth Godin on the Tim Ferriss podcast and he is a big proponent of daily blogging.  Not that anyone outside of family is likely reading this but it is supposedly (per Seth) good for the mind.  Seems worth a try.