I watched Aquaman during my recent travels. Is there a rule somewhere that mermaids and sea women must have red hair? Princess Mera looked like a grown up Little Mermaid. I guess that was a draw for the guys who have fallen in love with the Ariel characters while taking their kids to Disney.

I’ve been back to messing with 3D design for the 3D printer. I am working on a picture frame. The trick is the printer can only print off half of the frame at a time (we have the small platform printer so the 8.5 length of a 5.5 X 8.5 frame won’t fit). So I am trying to design a way to keep the two halves together without glue through some clips. One thing I neglected to consider while creating an insert on one side and a cavity for it to slide into on the other side is if you make the insert and cavity the exact same size, the insert will be too big. Seems logical but was a head slapper once it finished printing and I tried to put it together.

Too Many Pillows!!

What is up with decorative pillows? Yes, it was a funny topic in “Along came Polly” but seriously, why do you need more pillows on the bed than what you need for your head? And pillows on a chair or couch – they just get in the way. I guess if you have short legs they provide some support but for the rest of the world, they are just in the way and create awkwardness to figure out what to do with them. (you don’t want to set them on the floor so you sit and hold them in your lap, wishing you could stab them like Ben Stiller)

It is always funny how when someone is talking to someone who doesn’t understand them (typically an English speaker talking to a non-English speaker) they think by talking more slowly and louder will make it better. So in addition to not understanding the speaker, now they are overbearing and condescending. I have caught myself doing it at times, I think it is a natural reaction thinking perhaps they can’t hear me or I am talking too fast. But often it is neither. They just don’t speak the language.

Did you know a black lab mutt can eat four boneless chicken wings in under 30 seconds off a plate on a desk? I know it now!