I am currently on a flight from Richmond to Chicago.  I have watched half of the movie Aquaman – not terrible, but you have to have the right mindset.  It is entertainment, not to be taken too seriously.  I had rented a couple of documentaries to watch on the trip but the new Apple TV interface wasn’t clear on what was downloaded so I am without them for now.

I am already anticipating the trip to be over.  Have a couple days queued up with the conference and then I will be able to get back home.  As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t enjoy travel that much and going home typically seems to be the best part.  Perhaps I need to find new places to travel to and new things to do that are more interesting.

Life is like that sometimes.  You set off in a direction and then can’t wait to get back.  Not that the direction is bad or good, just different and sometimes home is truly where the heart is.  Especially true on a week like this where we have a lot to do at home and not being around to help make me a little anxious.

I remember one time as a kid we were at the roller skating rink.  In the concessions area they had a few video games and a booth that would show you a short video.  A friend and I fired up the video booth and while we sat there watching other kids all clustered around the booth opening to see what the video was about.  I glanced up at the faces in the booth doorway a few times and swore that I saw someone I knew.  The thought got stuck in my head to the point I couldn’t pay attention to the video and ultimately stood up to get out of the booth to see if it was the person I thought it was.  It wasn’t and I my seat was quickly taken by the person closest in the doorway.

It was kind of like the dog that sees its reflection in the water.  It drops the bone to grab the one in the reflections mouth only to loose its own bone.  Wanting something else rather than focusing on what is happening at the moment can cause us to miss a lot.  Being overly compelled to react to an assumption (the person I thought I saw) can cause you to miss the video and give up your seat.

So I will try to keep this in mind during this trip.  Stay focused and do what I came to do.  My wife tells me that a lot while I am traveling.  “Do what you went there to do and get it done so you don’t have to go back too soon”.  Good advice to trips and life in general.  Focus on the now, make the most of it and progress.  Don’t get trapped by the want to be somewhere or do something else.  There are broad applications of this approach.  Time for some soul searching (after Aquaman).