Well, I can almost remember sleeping in on Saturday morning.  Actually, in the past year or so it has been something that has happened a lot more frequently as the boys can fend for themselves for a while.  Yes new parents, it is true, you will get sleep one day.

This morning was a 6:30 wake up call as The Hurricane (my youngest) decided to wake me up by poking me- first on the shoulder then on the feet and then anywhere in between he could get his hands to as I fought him off.  I guess they are still a little attention deprived from me traveling lately.

New show coming out soon- we are headed to Grandma’s house this weekend but I hope to get a show out sometime early next week- travel and catching up have hindered my schedule.

SPECIAL NOTE- found out this week that Go Daddy is offering a special- if you have an order that is $100 or more you can get 25% off using the code Daddy25.  So if you have domains you have been looking at or several to renew, that is a pretty good deal.  Always here to help