Just sat down with the oldest and went through the next steps for his college course registration. This is getting real. He can register for classes next Wednesday and has his first orientation later this month. Then in mid August, he is off.

As part of the school of Engineering, he actually starts a couple days early. They offer a program called MADE Camp that has engineering students working on projects and getting acquainted. I think it is going to be a great introduction for him and logistically is it a win since he gets to move in a couple days early!!

When I went to college I signed up for a seminar that ran for two weeks before classes started. It was a new program they were trying to help Freshman with their creative writing. It was run by one of the English professors and had a small group of us (30?) working together to review and comment on each others work.

It was in this program that I met my best friend in college (eventually the best man in my wedding) and made connections that have carried on for 30 years. Coming from a small private school it really helped me get acclimated to college and get over some of my anxiety.

I think this will do similarly with Ben. He will get a little head start on learning the school grounds and getting to know some people in his program. Hopefully that will convey into some comfort and confidence when classes start.

Just thinking about this makes me realize that yes, indeed, this is getting real.