Tonight we go to the high school sports ceremony.  This year they are doing something new – having all of the sports together at the end of the year.  In years past they held a ceremony at the end of each season to hand out awards and show a multi-media show (slides and video) that the kids loved to watch.

From what I understand there will not be a video presentation (I asked around since I typically send in volleyball and soccer video but it seems like it isn’t going to happen this year.)  They do have a guest speaker, Mike Rhoades, Head Basketball coach at VCU. (Back when he was coaching at Randolph-Macon he almost kicked us out of his gym when we were playing Sunday night pick-up games – he forgot he had given us permission to use it).  I am sure his talk tonight will be interesting and perhaps inspire some of the young athletes.

My oldest son asked if he had to go.  He said most of the volleyball guys were not going (they had a team dinner after their season in the Fall and handed out letters and awards).  We told him he had to come. Mainly because this is his last one. We’ve been to 5 (he started playing in 8th grade) and will have one more next year but this will be his last (unless he comes to his brother’s next year).

In line with the cycles theme, we are cycling through this as well.  There are parents who sat through their last high school sports award ceremony last year.  And others who did their last ceremony two years ago, and so on. Next year will be our last (unless we get really bored in the future – although showing up for kids events without a kid participating is considered creepy).  And the cycles will continue with others who will have their last.

Among the Facebook pictures of kids graduating from college was a kid (well, I guess man now) who was a senior volleyball player when our oldest started playing.  I remember talking to his dad about him going to UVA. And now he is done. It makes me feel old.

Our niece graduated this year. With nieces and nephews spread out a year apart we will see one graduate a year until our youngest is through (he is the youngest of 7 cousins in that generation on my wife’s side of the family).  Did I mention it makes me feel old.

So tonight we will watch the parade of kids (athletes) heading out and beyond high school.  Many are kids we have interacted with (between them and their families) since they were in pre-school.  Now they are off; grown up and taking on the world ahead of them. It is how life goes but still I find myself marveling at how the time has flown with all of these cycles ending and new ones beginning.  I fear I am going to struggle with graduation.