This will be brief, it has been one of those days. Between contract negotiations, personnel issues and project planning (aka realizing that we are behind) I am a bit worn out tonight.

Luckily I can always count on my youngest to keep things interesting. He came home from a study session with a bag of stuff. He pulled out two planks of wood and some pieces of leather. He told us about his day include a discussion with his teacher that ended up in him having an option to make a pair of shoes to avoid writing an essay. Short story- they were to write a college essay and he said he wasn’t going to college, he was going to be a cobbler. So the teacher challenged him to make a pair of shoes for her and he could avoid the essay.

As with many things in life, he probably put more work into getting out of work than he would have just doing the work!

His teacher mentioned wanting them to match her blue dress so he added “Tae Kwon Do” tape – more on that later!