We all know the stereotype – old man sitting around speaking his mind, regardless of how foul or offensive his thoughts are.  A close friend of mine lived in Mateo on Roanoke Island for a while. Andy Griffith had a large estate there. Good old Andy would apparently come into town and curse a lot in his old age.  The filter was gone.

I too have found that my filter gets a little more loose as I get older.  I say things I probably shouldn’t and more loudly than my family would like at times.  Especially around sporting events. For the high school games that I record, I have to bite my tongue during the game regardless of what is being said around me.  Usually by the end I have bottled it up so much I have to make a comment, loud enough for the parents I have been listening to for the past hour or more to hear.

Driving is also a time when I let the filter go a bit.  Granted, most of the time it is just me in the car and making a comment about some horrible driver is like the tree that falls in the woods.  No one around to hear, no one getting offended. But if the filter needs to be put back on when others are riding along. Today a friend/coworker and I went to lunch.  As we were making a left the lady who was coming the other way, also making a left until she changed her mind and started going straight, come right toward us. I regrettably let some name calling slip.  Needed a quick re-filter.

So yes, there is a certain feeling of “so what” when things come out with a slightly abrasive style.  As I get older, the “so what” seems more justified, right or wrong. It is rough in a day and age when so many become so offended over so little.  Look at someone wrong and the assume you meant this or that. Avoid looking at them right and it is just as bad. Don’t go out of your way to make sure everyone looks at everyone else right and you are equally guilty.  Sometimes “No Winning” seems to be the theme.

I guess I should stop at that to avoid saying too much with a low filter.  While this isn’t in the “Rant” category, with a little more time I am sure I could work it up in that direction.  Perhaps I’m not too old yet 🙂