I missed yesterday!!

I went home thinking it was going to be a quiet night and I would get a few things done, among which was writing the 50 for 50 post of the day.  But it turned out that my oldest needed help with a project that involved designing and printing a few objects on his 3D printer and next thing I knew it was close to 11:00 and I headed to bed.  Only then did I realize I neglected to post anything!!

Mixed in with that was a little Oculus Quest play (tried out the Boxing VR – very cool and could add to my workout routine), some “end of season” soccer highlight video work and a call for the day job around failed file delivery.  The quiet night seemed anything but.

So, like any other streak that is broken, I feel a bit disappointed in myself.  I let the streak die. But, at least now I have a number to beat – 8 days in a row.

So far I have not received an outpouring of emails asking what happened.  I am sure that is coming. Readers who were getting their daily dose and now are missing it.  And now I have let them down.