Timing is Everything.

While I have been taking on the challenge of 50 blog posts in 50 days, I have, up until yesterday, kept it pretty quiet.  I am sure there is no one watching this blog and the only time people probably pop over (and by people I mean my wife and mother) is when I post a link on Facebook.  So, I went the first 3-5 days with no real publicity or readership.

Then yesterday, I posted on Facebook a link to the site to encourage readers (my wife and my Mom) to checkout my posts.  A little later I decided to respond to the annoying alert that my theme addon needed an update. I went along the update path for that and … the site died.  Error with the addon script is all that shows up. I googled it and there are various theories as to why this comes up (PHP version is old, sub domain issue at the host, I’m just doing it wrong, the possible root cause runs the gamut.  Regardless, it was dead and we were headed to dinner and so I left it.

This morning with a fresh night’s sleep I sought to tackle it again.  Still no luck in any magic fixing it so I googled again and still found much of the same.  Knowing that my version of WordPress is old, I thought I would try to update that and perhaps that would update the PHP and resolve my issue.  The WordPress update has been running for about 6 hours now and still shows as “updating”. I am a bit concerned at this point. What I am writing now may not make it out for a while, if ever, without some serious work.

I have backed up my database so even if I have to start WordPress over again I believe I can recover my posts.  I really need to learn more about WordPress and how it works, how the addons work, PHP and all that jazz. Perhaps that is one way to fill my time during our sports lull!!

Anyway, while this has been updating I have updated Jira at work to the latest version (not exactly an easy task either) and cleaned out the cabinet where I keep the 25+ year old stereo.  We hooked up the turntable a few weeks ago and it has been sitting out since – now it all has a home and is hooked up to some bookshelf speakers to allow listening to vinyl to be a possibility.  Relative to yesterday, a fairly productive day 🙂

Update – this morning I was able to get the site back up by disabling the offending plugin.  Not sure what it may do to the site (it is an addon for the theme) but leaving it off for now.  I think I need to upgrade my version of PHP to keep that from happening again. But for now, we are back up and I am going to leave it alone for a bit.