It is Memorial Day Weekend Saturday and I am home.  I’ve been home most of the morning and will be home until we venture out for dinner tonight.  This is weird.

For the past four years we have spent Memorial Day weekend at the Boys’ East Coast Volleyball Tournament.  A weekend of whistles. With something like 50 courts at the Richmond Convention Center, the whistles are constant.  You don’t really notice it until you walk out and realize the world is much more quiet.

Prior to that, and overlapping the first year or two, we had soccer tournaments on Memorial Day weekend.  For as far back as I can remember, we have had the holiday weekend filled with sports events. Obviously based on my obsession with the topic we enjoy going to the events and watching the boys play.  All the more reason that this year, without something to do, it feels weird.

I am sure I am over-emphasizing this point and have mentioned it far too often but times like this make me think about what we are going to do as empty nesters.  It is nice to catch a breather and with tomorrow’s schedule being about the same (nowhere to go, nothing pressing to do) we will certainly knock a few things off the ToDo list.  But no sports to watch? (at least none that we have a kid participating in? I have the UVA-Duke lacrosse finals on TV right now).

I am curious what others do with all the extra time they have when the kids grow up and get out?  I am sure there is a lot more we can do around the house – items that we are quick to pull the trigger to hire someone to do based on our busy schedules (that will become less busy).  I could always devote more time to exercise (blah!). Volunteer time is another option. It is going to be an interesting transition.

For today, I edited the second half of last night’s game (creating a lot of clips to prepare for the end of season highlights).  At some point this weekend I will probably go back and grab more clips of the seniors for the end of season awards ceremony. Then most of my video work is done for the current backlog.  I sound a bit desperate – video editing seems to be my primary hobby. Perhaps I need to pick up another hobby or two?

So for today, we will enjoy the (whistle-less) quiet and relax a bit.  Tomorrow I am sure we will get a bit more energetic and try to get some stuff done.  With Monday as the holiday, we will figure out a way to fill that time too. Guess it is a problem that we shouldn’t complain about as having too much time is such a rare thing.  It won’t last but at least for my antsy side, that might be a good thing.