Perhaps it is a result of getting older but it seems like society continues to decline in courtesy.  In the “always in a hurry”, “always need to be first” culture, there is little room for considering others.  You see it almost everywhere, and especially in traffic.

My route to work includes a 3 lanes to 1 merge.  Where I-295 ends and you continue onto I-64 East, the traffic is forced to cooperate.  Or at least that is the intention if only modern humans could play nicely.

The alternate merge is a beautiful thing.  Cars working like a zipper to keep the flow of traffic moving when two lanes come down to one.  But every morning there seems to be people in the right lane that are not going to give. They are not going to let anyone in and seem offended that people even expect them to give an inch.  

Then there are the left laners who get pushy and try to bully their way in front of anyone in the right lane who leaves a little extra space when letting in their legitimate “zipper” partner.  Many times these are the ones who have shot down the left lane as long as they can and then forced their way into the flow with reckless abandon. While they hardly deserve the benefit of the alternate merge, social courtesy provides for them no matter how much of a @#$%^& they are.

With just the slightest touch of courtesy this all functions like a well choreographed dance.  But that rarely happens. “Me first” takes over and traffic results as people have to brake and jostle around one another.  It is enough to lose your faith in humanity!

A short post today.  Tomorrow night is the first high school soccer playoff game.  But, I will do my best to keep the streak alive and at least get something posted!!