As I have mentioned (and as the header of the site eludes to), my hobby of the past few years has been to record the boys’ sporting events.  Part of the rebirth/redesign of the blog site includes the “Videography” section with the intent to post info about this hobby (equipment, interesting angles or issues encountered, etc.) and to hopefully get some feedback and advice from others.  Eventually I will get through a list of my equipment and start to share some of the situations and results but lately, with the holidays, we have been on a little (and very enjoyable) hiatus.  That ends this Saturday.

While I have run into issues in the past with the boys having events on the same day they have typically been in different places – the oldest at volleyball and the youngest as soccer.  Now, with both of them playing volleyball, I will have a conflict where they will both be playing at the same time at the same facility on different courts.  When they were at different venues it was clear that I couldn’t be at both places at the same time but with them in the same building, I feel compelled to figure out how to record it all.  Through some creativity (and perhaps some help) I think I can pull it off.

My plan is to record one match using my main camera and tripod setup.  I will run this for whatever game gets precedence over the other.  For the second game I have a GoPro 6 with the extra wide angle setting as an option.  My thinking is if I can elevate it using a light mount tripod (can get it up about 10 feet) and set that in the corner of the court, I can get some decent video of the game in progress without having to be there physically.  Of course, the camera can be knocked over and it would be ideal to have it stopped in between games but that is where the “help” comes in.

As for help, I hope to convince my better half to load the GoPro app on her phone and be able to run the camera from the comfort of her seat on the sidelines.  Sounds easy enough but she is there to watch the game, not be camera person.  I get it.  Hopefully I can convince her to help and be able to capture both matches (adding to my editing load but I will have that to do regardless).  Might have to buy her a nice dinner 🙂

There is a guy from the Coastal Volleyball Club that has this setup – GoPro on a tall pole.  He seems to get some decent shots (I think this is his work:  To help with this, I have an extended life battery built for the GoPro  that is great.  I can get about 5 hours of recording time with this and it integrates with all the GoPro mounts (with the camera just mounting on it like any other GoPro mount).

I will be sure to post here how this works out.  We have 4 tournaments where both boys are scheduled to play so I will have ample opportunity to work with this and possibly recruit another camera person (I will have my second video camera, a Canon R800 with me as well).