Hello, again, hello.

A month or so ago I decided to revamp my other site, LoveHouseRadio, to provide a sounding board blog space where I could start posting again.  One of the primary things I wanted to post was around my experiences with recording the boys’ sports.  The idea was to share some insight into the equipment I use, the good and bad things I have tried and to answer some questions that i get from other parents when I am on the sidelines with my camera.

Shortly after updating LoveHouseRadio.com I started to question why I would try (mostly unsuccessfully) to support two blogs, especially since this one has been lacking in timely posts.  Additionally it seemed that the video hobby would fit well with the sports parent theme the content on TheDaddyCast has become.

So I started the process of updating this site.  The WordPress version was in need of an update which ultimately caused the site to crash.  With some tweaking of the config files I got it back up.  Then I began hunting for a new theme.  I knew what I wanted but wasn’t able to get exactly what I had in mind – there may be some additional theme tweaking in the near future.  But, with a theme set it was looking better and I started updating the older posts, to set the preview pictures for each.  Then it crashed again (this time the name of the database hosts seemed to fail – something in the GoDaddy hosting turned on me).

But now we are up and, assuming someone is reading this, running.  This space will be a place to post my traditional family stuff (the boys are now 17 and 15 – time flies), the videography experiences and tips and even a rant or two.  I’ll try to steer clear of politics and religion but those are elements of my character so some of it is bound to sneak in.  Just remember we all have opinions and if we all agreed all the time it would probably be pretty boring.

So I will keep this one short and hope that with the site up and working I can add more very soon.  Eventually I will work on the organization and categories to make it easier to find the areas of content, but first I need to add the content that has been bouncing around in my head.

Thanks for reading and please check back again!