Been a year – what’s been happening?Gap Year

  • High School Soccer
  • Volleyball continues, even through some challenges
  • video – the hobby turned second job
  • Need to exercise my need to exercise
  • Projects around the house (as a PM)

I was quite surprised when I checked on the site and realized it has been over a year since I posted.  I knew it had been a while but wow, time flies.  Most weeks we feel like we are racing to get through and keep up with the various work, sports and essentials schedules.  I guess running the rat race on a daily, weekly and monthly basis turns into a year of neglect.

So, this post is an attempt to catch up with where we are.  The boys still maintain a steady sports schedule.  Between volleyball and soccer, they are busy with sports about ten months out of the year (August through Memorial Day).  June and July are our time to get in a family vacation and usually a couple camps (again, sports related).  Most of the time we get a breather in November as well but with the holidays it hardly is a time to kick up your feet and recover.

The biggest news out of the last twelve months is that my youngest made the high school soccer team (JV).  It is a goal he had set several years ago and what led to us making a more significant effort in getting him prepared.  He has worked extremely hard in the past year doing extra training sessions over the Winter, attending the school pre-season workouts (that required us to leave the house at 6AM) and even a prep program for tryouts offered by his travel club.  We have seen his skills improve and along with that, he has sprouted to almost six feet tall.  It has been a big investment in time for all of us (someone has to drive him around) but he has kept up his end of the bargain and remained committed to making the most of his opportunities.

Our oldest continues with volleyball.  The high school season was very successful this year and he really enjoys the team.  He has also been subbing for my Men’s team at the volleyball club and seems to enjoy playing with us old guys – says the pressure is less and he feels more free to swing away.  His travel club team this year is a mix of 16 and 17 year olds so they play against 17 and 18 year old teams, many of them national teams that look like grown men.  (The joke with one team is that they have to win the tournament to take money home to feed their family).  But while it is challenging and they are not winning many matches, he enjoys playing and his teammates.

Most of my free time is occupied with video editing.  I continue to record all the boys’ games I can (and with high school sports, I record the Varsity games too).  It’s a hobby that sometimes feels like a second job but i enjoy it, especially watching the boys play and being able to cut it down into slow motion, etc., and many of the parents have come to expect it, especially if they miss a game.  My YouTube channel has amassed to over 800 videos, most of them soccer or volleyball.  It will be nice to have that to watch when they are grown and gone.

Other tidbits include our oldest getting his learners.  I am not sure I have experienced a more stressful situation than being in the passenger seat with him.  He has gotten better but it is still a time of strong focus (and a little cringing).  We’ve done some improvements around the house that have me feeling like project manager at times.  With the coordination of tree removals to make way for a new fence and then a patio, all in the late Fall when weather was becoming a factor, it was a bit tedious but we enjoy the fruits of that effort now with the weather turning nicer.

A few posts I look forward to making soon include a review of our day trip to Washington DC.  The boys and I took the train up to DC during Spring Break and had a full day of being tourist.  Also, for anyone interested, I plan to put together a post about my video editing to include the new equipment I am using, some software (Final Cut Pro) techniques and general ideas and lessoned learned.  Other than that, I hope to get a little more regular with posts.  As we near that June-July break in sports, I may have a chance to write more and provide some insight into something that is helpful.  But for now, welcome back and please sat hello via the comments section.