Hope everyone is having a wonderful 2009 thus far.  The boys asked why it was such a big deal for the new year, stating that it is only another year, another day, etc.  Ah, nothing like a question from a 6 year old to make you think “Yeah, what is the big deal?”.

I of course had to come up with some type of answer so I addressed the fact that most people see it as a new start, a time for change (boy, have you heard that enough this year?) and a time to reset our goals and routines.  They seemed to take this as an acceptable answer and pondered on it for a while.  I stopped short of asking them what their goals for 2009 are but I am sure we will get into that discussion soon.

Personally, I have a few resolutions that I don’t mind making public.  One is to be better about blogging and recording podcasts- I have really slacked off this past year but all for the good.  I have used the time to spend time with the family and more importantly, get closer to my wife.  So no real loss here but I think if I do a better job at time management I can maintain the family time and still get in my exercise time and time for New Media.  My goal was to post something on this site or LoveHouseRadio.com every day but I already missed the first day of the year (we were travelling to see family) so I’ll try just to keep on better track moving forward.

As mentioned above, another goal is to keep up the exercise.  I have lost about 20lbs this year and would like to drop another 20.  Running has been a big key to this and even though I think I am suffering from Runners Knee, I am hoping to keep it up and/or supplement it with some other activity.  Luckily once you start it is a bit addictive.

This past year we have done a lot of family activities on the weekend.  Hiking has been a big hit and I hope we can keep that up with trips to trails and the river once a week, weather permitting, to keep us active and of course, doing things together.  2008 was a good year in this regard and I am hoping 2009 is even better.  We have another trip to Disney planned and everyone seems to enjoy the time outside together so there is no reason to back down.

Basically my goal in 2009 is to fill my time with family and fun.  Exercise has to be a part of this as I need to keep up with the family and fun and with the others involved.  Time Management is the key to it all so that will be a big topic this year (as it is with most years) to figure out how to fit it all in but I think we took some big strides this year and thanks to be blessed with the capability to hire out for some of the house and yard work, we have been able to free up time for us which has paid big dividends in my mind.

So more on goals and Time Management as we move throughout the year.  If you would like to share some of your goals please comment here, drop me an e-mail at DaddyCast@gmail.comor call into the hotline (804) SOS-LATE  (804-767-5283).  Hope to get a show out soon- Santa brought Jen a new pair of headphones so she is better equipped to sit in on segments this year as well.

Again, Happy New Year everyone!