Old and New

Originally uploaded by LoveHouse Radio

So we broke down and got the kids the new and improved Millenium Falcon for Christmas. The box was huge but I did not realize how big the thing was until we got it out. That is the new one on the left. Note the detail on the body (very cool, some weathering you would expect to see in space) and most importantly the size difference when compared to my circa 1979 Falcon.

The new one also touts sound effects, lights (the ones around the ramp to disembark are pretty cool, also the blue glow from the back for hyper-drive is impressive) and shooting missiles (I thought they banned projectiles years ago but the appear to be back). The cockpit now seats 4 instead of 2 (the top of the cockpit keeps popping off my old one) and the holographic chess set actually has pieces you can place.

So it is true, even with toys, that things continue to get bigger and better. Although I guess that doesn’t apply to my waistline.