My youngest was getting ready for his Holiday Chorus concert and I was helping him with his tie.  As I was struggling to get an adult size tie to a correct length for a shorter frame, I commented that it would be easier to do if he would stop staring at himself in the mirror.  He responded with a comment to the tune of “I just can’t help myself”, and then chuckled.

He has a pretty healthy self-esteem.  But the good thing is that it is SELF esteem, not something fabricated to lift him up or try to make him believe he is something for the purpose of some false incentive.  He is happy with who he is.  He is confident and self assured.  And it isn’t necessarily because we pushed him in that direction or showered him with compliments.

It is great when our kids can establish their own confidence.  Sure, it can go overboard (he likes to play around with it sometimes) but as long as they don’t swing to the egotistical or entitled end of the spectrum, I am fine with them having a strong self-esteem.  And it helps to keep him smiling on stage while singing Christmas Carols.