This past weekend my oldest went away to an indoor water park with a friend.  That opened up a chance for my youngest to have some alone time with us.  He really seemed to cherish the one on one time.  We played a few games, watched football, and even went out to a dinner spot that his brother is not too fond of just because.

It was good to have some quality time together.  All relationships need that focused time to help you appreciate each other’s company.  Whether it is with your spouse or children, having some personal alone time to enjoy each other’s company is crucial.  Allyson Reynolds touches on these and other good reasons for one on one time in her post at PowerOf

Of course in the busy lives we lead it can be hard to find regular time to spend alone together.  Quality time comes at a premium.  But like many things, you can make it work.  You can find the time and find something fun to do.  Over at, Erin Kurt has a few suggestions but be creative, find something to make your own.

Alone time – well, alone with one of your children.  It is great time.  One on one you can get to know them, get them to communicate with you, find out what is going on in their world.  And you can build bond and memories that last a lifetime.