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Recently I have reacquainted myself with our video camera. It started with a call out to all the soccer parents on my son’s new travel team. The manager asked if anyone would be willing to record their pre-season tournament. With a chance to prove my self-appointed Hollywood skills, I volunteered.

Step one was to clear off some space on the video camera hard drive. It had been a while since we needed to make space but knowing we had three hour long soccer games, I wanted to make sure I didn’t let the team down. I went to the oldest video on the camera, and began the process of copying it to my Macbook and an external hard drive.

The oldest footage was our first trip to Disney, back in 2008. As the videos copied over I watched some of the footage and became nostalgic. The boys were quite a bit younger (amazingly younger) and their excitement and reaction to everything seemed almost out of character until my mind caught up with the time and space. And then it was magical.

The boys took a little time to look at themselves when they were half their age and they enjoyed it too. It was good for all of us to see where we were, what we did and compare that to what we have become. They were entertaining back then but also a handful.

We all need to do that from time to time- take a minute to reminisce on the good ole times (not that the current is bad but it is fun to look back and to see what you have achieved since that time). Old movies are a great source of family entertainment. Don’t forget to share them with the kids now that they are older. It will beat any DVD you buy at the store and allow the legacy of their childhood to live on within you all.