Two sisters came out to the bus stop this morning, one wearing her cheetah patterned winter coat. My youngest commented “good thing you weren’t with us at Animal Kingdom, they would have arrested you”. Her sister perked up on the word arrested and went through a list of questions about who got arrested, why were they arrested, did the cheetah get arrested?

It took me a few minutes to relay to her the full message and I realized that the single comment my youngest made was not enough for a normal person to understand, but I could understand him (and do my best to explain it to her). Not sure she got it, not sure he cared.

Later I realized how that understanding is something we have special with our kids. Even when they were little, mainly because we were around them all the time, we were able to figure out what type of cry that was, what type of noise they were making, what they were saying as they were trying to communicate. It is a wonderful bond.

So for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to celebrate that special bond with the kids. As we focus on flowers and chocolates, don’t neglect that special bond you have developed with the other members of the family. And you don’t even need to get them roses!