Time to get dizzy by LoveHouse Radio

You know you have been at Disney long enough when:

15. You realize parking without direction is tough
14. You feel the need to shoot the Target logo when you drive by
13. You try to convince the hostess at Chilis that you are on the dining plan
12. You look for the FastPass distribution machine at the grocery store
11. You stare at the name tags at McDonald’s to see what country or college they are from
10. You paint point values on your plates and look for a nerf gun strong enough to break them
9. You see a line at the mall and ask what character they are waiting for (with autograph book in hand)
8. You look for an exit turnstile at work
7. You realize a family of 4 can eat out for under $100
6. You look for a character name and line number in the parking lot at Target
5. You strategize about Toy Story Midway Mania during meetings
4. You expect a lap bar when you sit down on your couch
3. When you get in the car and put on your sunglasses you expect extraordinary 3D effects
2. You keep 3:00 open on your calendar every day for the big parade
1. You can no longer get away with explaining away everything as “part of the magic”