Lights, Cameras, Action:  Explosive ending!! by LoveHouse Radio

We are back again for our annual pilgrimage to Disney. We came on Saturday and are now officially half way through our week. So far it has been an action packed week with time spent at all four parks – Epcot, Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom and today in Animal Kingdom. We have been posting pictures on Flickr and Facebook throughout in case you are interested.

Perhaps the best of our visit so far has been the boys willingness to try new things (or retry things they decided they didn’t like previously). This has included the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular which scared them with the fire and explosions several years ago but this year, they thought it was great.

My oldest also tried a rollercoaster for the first time. His brother gave it a try a couple of years ago and didn’t seem to hate it although he has been reluctant to go with us again this year. It has become a point of pride with my oldest and he actually sems to enjoy the ride (we did it twice today).

And speaking of pride, my oldest had his day made yesterday when he maxed out the score on the Buzz Lightyear ride. The most you can get is 999,999 and he reached it hitting some of the hidden high scoring targets we found online. He was beaming and it was good to see how great he felt, smiling ear to ear and talking constantly about it.

The boys also had a great moment when their jokes were read at the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. We have submitted jokes before (via text) but never had them read- this time both of their jokes were read during the same show. They were surprised and pretty excited, especially my youngest who was wishing they had shown his face when they read his joke (so he could be a star for the day).

So, it will be hard to top what we have done so far but we’ll give it a try. We have a day at Legoland planned and of course going back through the parks of Disney. We have a challenge to try the Orange version of Mission Space – we’ll see if we can keep our lunches down and report back as to how that goes over with the boys.