The DaddyCast Episode 211

A Podcast for Parenting from the Hip!

It has been a while and for some reason I decided to take what could be considered a controversial stance on a few topics.

The National Transportation Safety Board wants to block cell phones in cars (see the CNN Article)
– what is next, ban kids in cars because they cause a distraction?

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California mandates car seats for kids up to 8 years old (from the old requirement of 6 years old, see the ABC Coverage),
at least they consider height and not just weight in determining if the child fits properly in a normal car seat. Shouldn’t the parent be able to decide?

The Pocket IQ Test and my realization that I can fall into the self-esteem trap (almost). And our 2011 wrap up, a year full of physical activity goals (but unfortunately not a lot of podcasting).

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