Time to retire the old uniform (with yesterday's boards) by LoveHouse Radio

If you have followed the blog for a while you will recall the trials and tribulations of our (mine with the boys) Tae Kwon Do experience. The boys started and I made a bet that if they hung in there, I would join them. That was four and a half years ago. Finally, one of my goals has been met.

One December 10, 2011, I tested for my Black Belt. I passed the test for our local school and await the official decision by the international body that regulates Tae Kwon Do from Korea but expect that my local Master’s approval will hold. It is quite exciting and a feeling of great accomplishment.

That feeling is somewhat tarnished though since my sons are not with me. As I have described before, after three years of classes, they decided to drop it, even though they were within sight of gaining their Black Belts as well. It was an odd time when I gave into their want to stop going to class, mainly because they were making it a difficult time for all of us, yet found it uninspiring to go without them, which eventually overcame.

What kept me going when I lost that inspiration was the drive to finish what I started. I could not criticize them (now or at any time in their life) for quitting or wanting to quit anything if they had this glaring example of me walking away from my challenge. I had to complete my training and attain my goal.

The payoff has been that they seem to get it, they seem genuinely impressed with my achievement and there has even been talk of them returning to complete their training, although i will need to see some level of commitment from them before I make that financial obligation again. But I do feel accomplished in the fact that I have set a good example for them and that is seems to be taking hold.

It is always good to see those situations where we seemingly achieve something in the parenting realm. As much as we try to teach and lead and correct, sometimes it is questionable if we are getting through and if we are making an impact. But in those times when we can see the impact on our children’s lives, it is rewarding beyond words. More than my personal pride in obtaining my Black Belt, I am thankful that I seem to have inspired my sons and that wil payoff dividends in their lives which is the true reward.