Special jammies for Pajama Day!! by LoveHouse Radio

Today was the last day of school for the boys before the Christmas break. They each were looking forward to the day as they were having their Christmas parties and probably looking at a pretty easy day. My youngest’s class was having gift exchange so he was extra excited about taking in a gift and participating in the exchange.

When I picked the boys up after school I asked them how their day went and they both said it was fine. They said they had fun at their parties. I asked my youngest how the gift exchange went. He said it was fine and told me that they each got a gift but then could trade or “steal” another person’s gift (like a white elephant exchange).

I asked him what he got and he said after it was all done he got a Clue game, but he donated it to the toys for the less fortunate. He said since he already had a similar game (he has a Clue board game, this was a Clue card game) that he hoped some kids at the hospital could play with it instead. I was amazed and almost in tears.

How does a 9 year old get it? How when so many adults and kids alike are so focused on getting can he so freely give and think very little of it. He wasn’t bragging – had I not asked he probably wouldn’t have even told me. It came natural to him and he enjoyed it.

The boys often amaze me at things they notice, comments they make and things they do- all in a good way. They are good kids. They show care for those around them and genuinely want to help others. Today was just another episode of the caring and it really puts some perspective on the season. It is the time for giving and sharing- don’t let the shopping strip you of that theme.