I feel this weekend requires some notice as we have a few real troopers in the Love House.

The top award goes to my wife who ran a 15K (that is 9.3 miles) trail race on Saturday morning.  The morning was hot and humid- even without doing any activity I was soaking wet- and she completed the race (which was goal number 1, complete in motion).  It is an accomplishment that she has been working on for a long time and we are very proud of her.  The heat and humidity took its toll so much of Saturday was devoted to recovery.  But, even though she hardly felt up to moving around, Sunday morning she ran in a 5K that she and I had registered for and completed that as well- she is the Super Trooper!!  And even above that she was still able to muster the energy to attend a youth soccer game Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of youth soccer, my youngest, Sir Talks-A-Lot, had a double header this weekend.  The game Saturday was warm and humid (as mentioned above- we went to see my wife start her race then raced ourselves to the soccer game).  His team played well together for their first game.  Then Sunday he played an afternoon makeup game.  His team was a little too good for the opponent so they focused on trying to get everyone to score and participate.  He played well, didn’t score, but gave it his all which makes us proud.

My oldest, The Analyzer, was a trooper as well as he tagged along for race starts, soccer games and overall kept a good attitude.  His reward was ice cream Sunday afternoon and he did a good job destroying a cup of vanilla with banana.  We realize some weekends are packed and to make sure everyone can tag along and make due is a good practice in patience, for both sides.

So, a busy weekend indeed.  We hope to be able to get Jen on the show again soon to talk about this and lend her advice and perspective on other topics.  Hopefully new show coming soon.