I had to do a hard reboot to my Treo today.  Basically, it was refusing to sync with my work e-mail (main purpose for having it) and was running very slowly.  So, after trying a number of things to improve it, I finally went with the full-flush and did a hard reboot.  Low and behold, after setting a few things up again, it is working great (fingers crossed).

Made me think- how often do we need a life reboot- stop trying to patch something up and make a big step to refresh something.   Perhaps it is a relationship with a child or spouse that hasn’t been great lately.  Or worse yet, could be spiraling in a negative direction.  Perhaps it is something that is bringing stress into your life regarding work or other activities.  Whatever it may be, take a look to see if you are just trying to fix something to limp along or get over a hump when you really should look to change your approach and do a Hard Reboot.