We enjoyed our annual vacation last week, a week at the beach to recharge our batteries.  It is also a great week to enjoy time with family and activities such as golf, go carts, riding trails and of course, time on the beach.  But this year, more than any other, it seemed to fly by.  Before I realized it, the week was over and we were back home.

Typically you would expect a week of 8 adults, 7 kids and 5 dogs in one house to feel like it would last forever.  Even though we all get along, after a few days of being together, not sleeping great (or even well as the case was a few nights), being just a little on edge since the normalcy of home and our routines is interrupted with taking turns for coffee, showers or even your turn for dinner- these things add up after a few days and can make you feel a little stressed, cranky or in the case of the kids, just plain wild.  But the week didn’t drag on, and we weren’t ready to leave yet when Saturday morning rolled back around.

I realized today that I actually only got in the ocean twice during the week.  One of those times was great, affording me the opportunity to boogie board with my youngest.  Both the boys are getting less timid around the water and enjoying more time in the ocean with their cousins and the rest of the family.  But to only get in the water twice?  Where did the time go?

The week was full of activity.  There was training activities, I ran one morning (7 miles, my longest to date), rode and ran for duathlon training and Jen and I hit the trails with our mountain bikes for a couple of outings (one for over 20 miles in a failed attempt to ride to the North Carolina border), so these activities definitely took up a few decent chunks of time.  There was also three rounds of golf, good times playing with my brother-in-law.  There was a couple of hours of miniature golf with the kids, go carts (with the kids) and a movie (Transformers 3, with the kids).  Add it all up and I guess that shows where our week went.

So no complaints, we had a great time, the boys had a great time and I think the extended family had a great time.  We just needed (or need) more time!  It went too fast.  We’ll have a chance to take some time off again next month and the boys are having a blast with their Summer of Camps (more updates to come – this week is soccer camp) but our beach week just seemed to fly by and I guess I am just preparing myself for when I look back and find that the boys’ childhood days have past.  Just like vacation, it will be full of fun, memories and activities but when it is over, it is over.  Didn’t intend to go the somber route but the message remains the same, make the most of your time with our kids and don’t take it for granted.  Time Flies.