Tigger Fun by LoveHouse Radio
Tigger Fun, a photo by LoveHouse Radio on Flickr.

Recently I have been listening to the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz. I have had it on my bookshelf for the past 20 years (I think I stole it from my Aunt years ago) but didn’t get into it until I heard Tim Ferriss reference it in “The 4-hour Workweek”. It is all about positive thinking and setting yourself up for success.

So far a couple of things have stuck in my mind. One experiment is to say out loud “I Feel Great!!”. It is hard not to feel better (perhaps a little silly, but better) after doing this. The other experiment, leading much to the same outcome, is to smile as big and wide as you can. Sure, you feel goofy but feeling goofy can improve your attitude!!

So, my thought from the parenting lens it to take this home and use it. What if we started each day with a smile and a big positive statement? Would it make the day better?

And better yet, since we are the leaders of our pack and the example to our kids, make sure they see it and do it too? Why not greet them each morning with a big goofy grin and a hearty “Good Morning, today is going to be a great day!”. Would it make a difference? Is it worth a try?

Enthusiasm is contagious. Whenever I listen to someone who is upbeat and full of energy, I feel energized as well. Take CC Chapman for example – the guy is always up, positive and energetic. Just listening to him makes you want to go out and do something!!

The other day I saw a reference to my old music podcast (LoveHouse Radio – LoveHouseRadio.com) show up in a vanity search in gmail. I listened to an old show and was horrified (perhaps that is a little too strong) by how tired and dry I sounded. Not being aware of how we convey our energy and enthusiasm can make a poor impression. Contrary to that experience, I listened to a more recent episode, one where I was trying to emulate a CC type energy level. I was vastly better.

Never forget that you are being watched and your kids are learning from you all the time. Incorporate self improvement in the way you live and especially around your family. Be enthusiastic and try starting the day off with a big positive attitude push that you can convey to the kids and perhaps start their day off in the right direction as well. If it works, it is well worth it. And if it doesn’t, at least you started the day off with a smile 🙂