Less is More. Not a statement you typically hear regarding time but this morning we had just such an experience. With less time to get ready (due to some scheduling conflicts) we actually were ready to go ahead of schedule. For perhaps the first time this school year. It seems that with less time, knowing that we had less time, we had a sense of urgency that pushed us through our morning routine faster than normal. It was quite impressive.

A sense of urgency is an important lesson for our kids. We need to enable them with the right tools to get through life and one is to know when to turn it up a notch. They need to be able to discern when urgency is needed and more importantly, how to assess their environment and situation to put the press on.

One way to hinder the lesson of urgency is to make everything urgent. We have talked before about the hustle lifestyle that many of us keep- shooting from school to sports to homework to bed and back at it the next day. But if we are constantly in emergency mode then our kids never know when they should turn it up a notch. By maintaining some steadiness, some benchmark of normalcy in our “average” day, then we can still identify times where urgency is needed and make sure the situations are clear enough that our kids can identify them too.

Sharing a sense of urgency is a treasure to give to our kids. I have spent time in my business life with people who seem to lack a sense of urgency when needed. Perhaps because they don’t see a need to put in the extra effort, perhaps their environment doesn’t appreciate it (see a sprint as a risk) – for whatever reason, there are areas of life where we will run into a lack of the sense. I find that hard to accept personally and hope to make sure my kids don’t accept that either.