DaddyCast #204 – ADDebate

Published on: Aug 31 2010 by DaddyCast

The DaddyCast Episode 204

A Podcast for Parenting from the Hip!

The ADDebate – have nearly a million kids been misdiagnosed with ADD just because they were the youngest in their class?  The USA Today Article and more details from
Science Daily.  Also, Point – Counter Point and Health Central – Just Diagnosed.

What is ADD and what are the causes?
The ADDA Site
Health Central’s take
Real World Examples from Yahoo

What are the drugs doing to our kids?
Slate Magaizine – a week on Adderal
Drugs and your mind

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One Comment to “DaddyCast #204 – ADDebate”

  1. Dennis Gray says:

    Go and get controversial! ADHD is more often then not a BS diagnosis offered to get a problem child out of the public school system, or at least get the kids addicted to expensive meeds. I think a lot of the behavior issues today are a direct result of the junk that’s being put in the drinking water. Who ever thought fluoridated water was a good idea?

    Now where did I put my shiny tinfoil hat…ah, there it is!

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