Felt the urge to post about our weekend- maybe it is for the boys to read when they are older and have kids of their own and understand why we were so tired all the time. But tired with a smile on our face because we set forth to do it all. Sometimes we are sorry for getting as close to that as we do.  Consider this an oversize Twitter post.

Friday night started out with our 15th anniversary dinner. ┬áJen said all she wanted was dinner so I obliged with a couple surprises. One was the limo- we went in style and the boys got to ride to Mimi’s house in the limo (although they didn’t seem to appreciate it as much as I would have thought- in fact, they nearly refused to get in the car since they didn’t know who it was or why it was in our driveway, then they played their DS games most of the ride across town, somewhat oblivious,but there was mention of telling their classmates about it later) which will likely be a memory buried deep in their heads. Dinner consisted of another surprise- we had an appetizer at one restaurant, the main course at The Copper Grill (our favorite place for steaks) and planned to have desert at a third place but were stuffed from the first two courses and decided to call it a night.

Saturday we retrieved the boys from my mother’s, ran a couple of errands and spent the afternoon at home. The boys played with a neighbor while I finally spread the mulch that has been piled in our driveway for 2 months and Jen worked around the house. Saturday evening we went to the Goochland Drive In theater and saw the new Shrek movie. We had planned to camp out on the screened-in porch that night (part of our transgression into camping) but opted for the living room floor since we got home late. Sleeping on a floor is rough, I moved to the couch around 1:30 AM.

Sunday morning I took my new road bike out for a ride and got in 12 miles. It was my first round of cycling with the new bike (and clips) and the only road distance I have gotten in since the duathlon. After my bike ride, we loaded up the family bikes and headed to Charles City for a ride on the new Capital Trail- a section of 7.5 miles is open and we took it on en mass. Since my youngest is not yet used to his wheels, he rode on the tandem bike that I towed behind my mountain bike- luckily the Capital Trail is fairly flat. Sunday afternoon was supposed to be a tennis clinic but that was rained out so we moved on to the next activity, a cookout at a friend’s house. Jen had a night out with “The Girls” so the boys and I hung around the cookout until the heat and lack of sleep finally got to them. We headed home and vegged.

Monday, Memorial Day, Jen took her turn at cycling with a friend and I talked the boys into recording some audio for the next DaddyCast. We hung around the house with a couple of excursions to the pool for an hour or so each and some general relaxing and busy work to get ready for the week. Three day weekends sound nice during the work week but they almost make you happy to get back to the grind when you fill them up with activity. Well, maybe not quite that bad – a busy day at home still beats a slow day at the office.