Coming back from an errand today I saw a lady driving one of those little cars that is great for gas mileage.  Not sure what it was, don’t think it was a Prius or hybrid, just a small four door car.  As she turned the corner I noticed a car seat in the back, behind the drivers seat, with a smiling young girl in it.

Did I mention the car was small?  Mom (presumably), the driver, seemed a bit cramped and it appeared the car seat took up at least half of the back seat.  I am sure it was due to the belting down of the seat but the little girls face couldn’t have been more than 4 inches from the window.

It made me think- is it safe?  What if they were in an accident?  Would the car stand up to it?  Would the occupants survive a collision?  What would be the injuries?

Granted, as I said, I didn’t see what kind of car it was so I can’t search for crash test data, etc. to lay to rest any misconceived notions but it just looked unsafe.  I drive a Chevy Avalanche- possible among the larger vehicles on the road that don’t require a special permit to drive.  In my truck I feel safe.  Safe for me, safe for the boys.  In a little car that I felt like I had to wear it to drive it, I would not feel as safe for me.  And, I feel I would feel even less so for the boys.  Am I crazy?

It seems the gas economy fad has faded a bit.  Granted, gas is still expensive and people are still looking to get the best mileage per gallon they can, but it seems the push to buy a hybrid to avoid $4 per gallon gas has lost some steam (or fuel, but that pun was just too good).  So, my chance to laugh at the guy at the grocery store who can’t fit more than 2 of his 10 bags into his “Smart Car” has been stifled a bit, but that aside, are families safer with larger cars.  I need to look into this but wanted to post the thought while it was fresh in my mind.  If you have something to say, comment below.